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Turbo AG2 Model full set

Thanks to Turbo Ag-2 model engraving tool, you can engrave all the metal group (stainless steel, mercury steel, air steel, carbon steel,gold,silver,copper etc.) as handicrafts. Jewelry; You can benefit from Ag2 Turbo at stone setting and carving branch of jewellery art/craft. At stone setting; you can easily, without any afford, remove the metal nails, at pave setting, you can easily carve the gaps of hole. Also, at channel setting and bezel setting, you can use it as marto. It has much more powerful torque than present-day martos. Engrave: at engraving, it has the capacity that can provide all your needs more than enough while making detailed works. (eg. Shading) When it is ordered, it comes to you as full set as you see at the picture.

Technical Detail: This product gains power when you press the pedal, besides it contains a adjustment ring on it. This adjustment ring allows you to adjust the power of strikes, as if a camera's pixel,zoom adjustment. For example, when you adjust it as low strike power, no matter how much you press the pedal it continues striking as same power. The only difference from AG3 is, the adjustment ring. The piston weight and inner working principles are the same.

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